Hunting Down Main Modules

The main modules are the primary navigation elements on the sidebar , header, or footer of the main OmniBlocks® app. Legacy Architecture: Containers The legacy architecture uses containers and relies heavily on redux/saga within the containers. Latest Architecture : Pages Starting in 1.67 a new naming convention will use a folder name pages where context-based […]

Table Sorting and Filters

OmniBlocks® extends the default Ant Design table interface to provide managed features including sorting and filters for columns. Example An example of a column array entry that sets up the “SKU” column from our new MMR table interface… title: ‘SKU’,dataIndex: ‘produced_cat_num’,searchable: true,defaultFilteredValue: filter.produced_cat_num,sorter: Sorter.DEFAULT, Table Column Properties searchable Set to true puts the search icon on the […]