The custom_templates table stores the templates for the Form Builder module.



Stores the name of the template.


A large array of JSON objects that holds the sections used to build the template. It stores an actual copy of the section as it was configured when the template was created.

The original source of the sections is stored in a table named “form_builders” (of course, how obvious).

Architecture Notes

This may be better configured via a 1:M relationship via a joiner table that links the template to the sections. It would need to be an ordered list so sections remain in the order they were dropped on the form. The downside to this approach is future edits to a section would break the template integrity for historical purposes. This would have to be handled with a section locking and version control system to ensure a section is not changed after it has been deployed in a template.


OmniBlocks® v1.69

OmniBlocks® v1.68

OB 1.68 Data Diagram for Custom Templates