OmniBlocks® REST API Server

aka OmniBlocks® BE Server.

July 2022

Runs on an EC2 instance deployed via Jenkins as a git listener in a CI/CD environment. The app is a node server managed by PM2. The auth module utilizes Redis.

AWS Services

EC2 Servers

OmniBlocks Live BEt3.medium => m6i.large
OmniBlocks Staging BEt3.medium
OmniBlocks Development BEt3.medium

EC2 Server Options

NamevCPUMem (GiB)Network (Gbps)Price/hrPrice/m (730h)
t3.medium24up to 5$0.0416$30.368
t3.large28up to 5$0.0832$60.736
m6.large28up to 10$0.077$56.21
m6i.large28up to 12.5$0.096$70.08