OmniBlocks® 1.90 Release Notes

Customer Portal: An initial version of the customer portal has become available. An OB Tenant’s authorized customers can view the status and make-up of their orders. Searching and sorting by nearly all columns is enabled. Statements -> Production Records: Searchable Production Start and Best By/Expire Date columns added to Productions records table in Statements. “Lot” […]

OmniBlocks® 1.89 Release Notes

Searchability in Statements: In the Statements tab, search has been enabled for virtually all columns (across all tables). Users can now add keywords to multiple columns and filter by all of them. Just add click the magnifying glass in one column, add your search param, and click “Search.” Then click the glass in another column […]

Statements Module – Shipments

Select the “Statements” module. Select the “Shipments” tab. Search for shipments by Customer PO#. Click:  Select the “+” button to reveal Batch #, PD#, Unique ID, Name, and Quantity Select the “-” to minimize Select the document box to view the shipping record. View all updates by user for the shipping record.