IT: Renewing SSL cert

The docs site is hosted on an AWS Lightsail account using a Bitnami WordPress instance. These instances have their own special set of commands for managing certificates and the services. You’ll need to login to the SSH command line via AWS Lightsail for the selected instance. Run this command to shut down Bitnami services including […]

Updating Data Structures After Restoring Live Data

Sometimes the data from the production system needs to be restored to staging or development servers. If the latest version being tested on those servers has a data migration as part of the new release, a manual re-deployment of the code is required to re-trigger the data migration scripts. As of OmniBlocks® version 1.71 the […]

Apr 28 2022 9:35 – 10:35 AM Downtime Analysis

9:44AM EST report came in that tenants could not login to production The Live BE server on EC2 was non-responsive when trying to login to Jenkins. Rebooted the EC2 instance after viewing the monitoring reports. Approximately 9:35AM CPU spike to near 100%. Started a rebuild process on Jenkins to force the API to do a […]