Users Module – Overview, Add, & Remove Users

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How to Add New Users Select the “Users” module.   Select “+ Add” to add a new user.  Add Name and Email of the new user. Select the user type.  Select “Save.” If a user needs to be deleted, select the trash can.  User Access Table: User Access Setup Admin Quality Control (QC) Production Shipping & […]

Inventory Module – Adding & Editing SKUs

Overview: SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) are a distinct type of inventory item that is used to distinguish from other inventory types.  How to Add a New SKU Select the “Inventory” module.  Select the “+ SKU.”  Enter the name of this item. Category Group – SKU Prefix For ingredients: “IN# Ingredients” For packaging components, find and […]

Purchase Orders Module – How to Archive Purchase Orders

Overview: This task is for canceled POs that need to be Archived. Select the “Purchase Orders” module. Select the “Complete” filter. Search and sort for your PO by PO#, Customer, Product(s), or Customer PO#. Click the dropdown arrow and select “Archive.”

Production Module – Managing Batches

Overview: Batches can be edited, deleted, and updated in real-time. How to Update Batches Select the “Production” module. Search for the batch by Batch#, Name, SKU, or Current Step. Select “Document Production.” Select the process step you are on, scroll down, and document the step.  Once complete, scroll down and select “Save.” How to Edit […]

MMRs Module – Actions for MMRs

Overview: MMRs cannot be edited once made; they can only be duplicated or archived. Continue Working on Saved MMRs Select the “MMRs” module. Search for the MMR by Name. Select “Continue MMR.” You can either save your progress and complete it later or complete it if it is ready. How to Archive an MMR Select […]