Inventory Module – Adding & Editing SKUs

Overview: SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) are a distinct type of inventory item that is used to distinguish from other inventory types. 

  • How to Add a New SKU
  1. Select the “Inventory” module. 
  1. Select the “+ SKU.” 
  1. Enter the name of this item.
  1. Category Group – SKU Prefix
    • For ingredients: “IN# Ingredients”
    • For packaging components, find and select the appropriate description
    • For finished product: “PD# Product, Internal”
    • For Miscellaneous (gloves, drills, etc), fill in as “MISC# – MISC”

Note: SKU Prefix is specific, if you do not see the item listed contact where it can be added for you. 

  1. Select Type:
    • Ingredient
    • Component
    • Products
    • Misc
  1. Brand – Select the brand this SKU is used for.
  1. Enter a description of the product.  
  1. Upload a photo of this SKU for the inventory profile. Select “+ Upload” and your computer files will open automatically. 
  1. Press “Save” to complete the entry.
  • How to Edit SKUs
  1. Press the “Inventory” module.
  1. Search for SKU.
  1. Select “Edit.”
  1. Change or add needed changes.
  1. Select “Save” to finish.
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