Par Level Report

ginkgo leaves and glass containers with powder

The par level report can be generated via the Dashboard module. Click create to generate the report. The report can be downloaded as a CSV file or viewed on screen. Par Level Report Columns SKU The catalog SKU. Name The SKU name. Par Level The current par level as entered for the SKU. See Adding […]

OmniBlocks® Release Notes 1.71

Inventory Move Inventory The lot field text is selected when the field is activated. This allows searches to be made in quick succession without having to clear the field between each scan. The lot field is reset on every search. If the same inventory lot label is scanned twice the field will now replace the […]

Adding Catalog Items

The catalog is where details about stock keeping units (SKUs) are maintained. It is the base source of information for inventory. As such it is tightly integrated with the inventory module. Adding A Catalog Item Login as an administrator level user. Go to Inventory. Click the “+ SKU” button on the top right. The Add […]