OmniBlocks® Release Notes 1.71


Move Inventory

The lot field text is selected when the field is activated. This allows searches to be made in quick succession without having to clear the field between each scan.

The lot field is reset on every search. If the same inventory lot label is scanned twice the field will now replace the URL with the matching lot Unique ID (if found) even if the URL was not changed between scans.

The move inventory text being selected when clicking in the field.

Lot Details

Inventory detail labels open in a new window which causes a problem with some older Chrome browsers. A bug in Chrome version 76 through 80+ do not keep original login credentials intact in new browser tabs. A workaround that solves the issue for some versions of Chrome has been implemented.

The lot details expansion on the inventory table now shows the lot QR code in place of the “Label” button. Clicking the QR code opens the label details modal. This makes it easier to scan QR codes from the main inventory screen without having to open a modal.


Ordering inventory could not be completed if a supplier was not selected. This has been fixed.

Catalog Empty Descriptions

Editing a catalog (SKU) entry and saving without a description would result in the description being set to the text ‘null’. Empty descriptions will now remain empty after saving a catalog entry.

Par Levels

Par levels can now be set on catalog entries. An amount and a unit of measure must be set with a par level greater than zero for par level reporting to be in effect.

Deleting Production Inventory

You can no longer delete a lot from inventory if the associated production record is still active.

Trying to delete an in-production lot ID from inventory generates an error.


The settings interface has been updated to match the current OmniBlocks® design standard. Primary tabs are horizontally aligned across the top. Subtabs are line tabs underneath. Forms have been aligned.

TruInsights® App Settings

New settings are available that impact how the TruInsights® app behaves. The first settings are text message displays on the tabs that appear when a consumer scans a QR code on a finished product.

You can now set a footer message that appears on the bottom of each of the main tabs on the product info page: Ingredients, Quality Checks, Scientific Facts, and True Origins.

The new TruInsights® app settings.


MMR / Search

The top right search box has been removed. The functionality has been replaced with per-column search filters and sort capabilities.

MMR and Production Search features have changed…

MMR / Production SKU Column

The SKU column output has been fixed, it was not displaying after some data changes in the 1.68 release.

Production / Search

The top right search box has been removed. The functionality has been replaced with per-column search filters and sort capabilities.

Production / ID

A new production record ID column has been added. The table is searchable and sortable by the ID. The Production ID will match the last 4 digits of the calculated batch number (Batch Number includes the month + year + production ID).

Production / View Audit Log

The view audit log PDF functionality has been restored.

Archived Inventory

Added inventory ID (Lot #) and batchID (for production inventory) columns.

New archived inventory statement columns.


Locking In Progress

The lock action for in progress MMRs has been removed.


Batch List | Archived Production Lots

When production is started a placeholder order is created in inventory that is used to receive inventory once production is completed. If the inventory record that is attached to the production record has been archive the Lot column cell is marked with a warning color to indicate the production record has been archived.

Archived lots attached to production records are now highlighted.

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