Inventory Module – Assigning Locations

First Method of Assigning Locations – (With the Move Button) Select the “Inventory” module. Connect your scanner to your tablet using Bluetooth. Select “Move.” Select the lot bar, then scan the lot label. Select the location bar, then scan the location label. Enter the quantity moved. Repeat step 5 until all locations for the lot […]

Inventory Module – Ordering & Editing Orders

Overview: This section is dedicated to understanding how to order inventory. Ordering Select the inventory module. Filter by constituent’s tab. Searching by SKU, or Name. Select “Order.” Fill out the information below in detail:  Date – enter today’s date Enter the expected arrival date (optional) Amount Ordered – Enter the quantity ordered and the unit […]

Purchase Orders Module – How to Update Purchase Orders

Select the “Purchase Order” module. Search and sort for your PO. Click the drop-down arrow and select “Set Status.” Select the new PO status.  Draft – Customer Request Formulating – Making the right formula Ready to Order – Ordering Constituents Ordered – All constituents in stock or ordered Ready to Produce – Ready to be […]

Production Module – Managing Batches

Overview: Batches can be edited, deleted, and updated in real-time. How to Update Batches Select the “Production” module. Search for the batch by Batch#, Name, SKU, or Current Step. Select “Document Production.” Select the process step you are on, scroll down, and document the step.  Once complete, scroll down and select “Save.” How to Edit […]