Compliance Issues

Traceability and documentation is the main concern for the FDA. So knowing what, where, and when stuff happened is key. Accurate dates Accurate amounts Accurate lots *This page will be updated with more details. This is just a starting place for now. – EWM

OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.73

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Dashboard Inventory Received Inventory Report The received inventory report has a new view option to get a quick on-screen preview of the downloadable CSV file. Sales Orders List of Orders The product SKU in the products column is now linked to the inventory page with a filter action that will show only the selected SKU. […]

OmniBlocks® Release Notes 1.71

Inventory Move Inventory The lot field text is selected when the field is activated. This allows searches to be made in quick succession without having to clear the field between each scan. The lot field is reset on every search. If the same inventory lot label is scanned twice the field will now replace the […]

OmniBlocks® Release Notes 1.70

Version 1.70 was primarily a “behind-the-scenes” update with some preparations for architectural changes coming in future releases. These changes are necessary to improve scalability and performance of the application over the next few releases. Production Batch Numbers Batch numbers now properly represent the expiration date with a MMYY#### batch number. MMR View PDF Feature A […]

OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.67

Manufacturing SaaS

Most of the work on this release has been with behind-the-scenes refactoring to create a clear separation between MMR processes and Production processes. MMR Module The MMR module has had extensive updates to the data engine. Average MMR listing page loading time has been improved from an average of 10s to < 1s. MMR Table […]