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OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.73



Received Inventory Report

The received inventory report has a new view option to get a quick on-screen preview of the downloadable CSV file.

The view received inventory report preview

Sales Orders

List of Orders

The product SKU in the products column is now linked to the inventory page with a filter action that will show only the selected SKU.

The updated Sales Order list


Formula Selector Search

The formula selector search box generated an error when typing in a search value with a space. This has been fixed.


New MMRs Not Ordering/Receiving Inventory

A bug that was introduced in the 1.69 release was causing new MMRs that are created to not trigger production to order the related produced SKU and later receive that SKU when production was completed.

This was resolved in this update.

Existing MMRs do not need to be updated for this patch to be effective.

MMR Selection

The MMR selector has been updated. Pagination was not properly filtering out archived MMRs from the list. This has been fixed.

The MMR selector was also pulling full data records to display the modal. This has been changed to pull simplified records for the modal display, increasing performance significantly for the initial display.

Detail Batch API

The batch (production) details API has been updated to support the proprietary ingredients function in the TruInsights® app.

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