Production Module – Managing Batches

Overview: Batches can be edited, deleted, and updated in real-time. How to Update Batches Select the “Production” module. Search for the batch by Batch#, Name, SKU, or Current Step. Select “Document Production.” Select the process step you are on, scroll down, and document the step.  Once complete, scroll down and select “Save.” How to Edit […]

Production Module – How to Plan a Production

Select the “Production” module.  Select the “+ Plan Production.”  Search for the MMR being used for this batch. Select the MMR for this batch. Select “Next.” Optional: Associate the batch with a specific sales order. Search by PO#, Customer, Product(s), or Customer PO#.  Optional: Select the sales order for this batch  Press “Continue.” Select “Production […]

Production Module – Overview

Select the “Production” module.   Search and filter for batches by Batch #, Name, SKU, or Current production step. Select “+ Plan Production” to plan new batches.  The “Label” is generated once planning a batch is completed, this label is for the finished batch.  Document Production – When planning production is completed “Document Production” appears and […]