Production Module – How to Plan a Production

  1. Select the “Production” module. 
  1. Select the “+ Plan Production.” 
  1. Search for the MMR being used for this batch.
  1. Select the MMR for this batch.
  1. Select “Next.”
  1. Optional: Associate the batch with a specific sales order. Search by PO#, Customer, Product(s), or Customer PO#. 
  1. Optional: Select the sales order for this batch 
  1. Press “Continue.”
  1. Select “Production Start Date.”
  1. Enter an Estimate Overage if anticipated.
  1. Auto Select or manually select lots. Auto Select uses FIFO to select available lots. 
  1. If you’re selecting lots manually, locate one, then select the lots you need. 
  1. Press “Select.” 

NOTE: Repeat steps 12 through 13 for every ingredient if you are manually selecting.

  1. Select “Done planning.”
  2. Select the “Production Calendar” on the main production page to see all scheduled batches.
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