Production Module – Overview

  1. Select the “Production” module.  
  1. Search and filter for batches by Batch #, Name, SKU, or Current production step.
  1. Select “+ Plan Production” to plan new batches. 
  1. The “Label” is generated once planning a batch is completed, this label is for the finished batch. 
  1. Document Production – When planning production is completed “Document Production” appears and allows you to work on that batch.
  1. Continue Planning – All batches that have not been fully planned, this field appears to continue its planning.
  1. Lot selection indicator:
    • – There are a sufficient number of lots selected to complete batch
    • – There are an insufficient number of lots selected to complete batch
  1. Claim/Release indicator – This shows if a user has claimed a batch. When claimed, no other user can edit that batch.
  1. Action column:
    • Continue Planning/Document Production:
      1. Continue Planning – Appears for any batch that planning has not been finished
      2. Document Production – Log information for a batch that is currently in production
    • Claim – When claimed, no other user can edit that batch
    • Release – When released, all users can edit that batch
    • Delete – To delete the batch
    • View – Used to view the most up-to-date details of this batch
  2. Use the Production Calendar to see all scheduled productions (the date is selected in the production planning).
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