OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.67

Manufacturing SaaS

Most of the work on this release has been with behind-the-scenes refactoring to create a clear separation between MMR processes and Production processes. MMR Module The MMR module has had extensive updates to the data engine. Average MMR listing page loading time has been improved from an average of 10s to < 1s. MMR Table […]

MMRs Module – Actions for MMRs

Overview: MMRs cannot be edited once made; they can only be duplicated or archived. Continue Working on Saved MMRs Select the “MMRs” module. Search for the MMR by Name. Select “Continue MMR.” You can either save your progress and complete it later or complete it if it is ready. How to Archive an MMR Select […]

MMRs Module – How to Create an MMR

Select the “MMRs” module.  Select the “+ Add.” Search and sort for the Form Builder template being used for this MMR. Select the Template. Select “Continue.” Navigate to the Formula step. Select Formula bar. Search for a formula. Select the formula.  Press “Add.” Enter a product name. Select the customer bar. Search for a customer. […]

MMRs Module – Overview

Overview: MMRs are required for batches. For MMRs to be used they need a form builder template and a locked formula. Select the “MMRs” module.  Search and filter for MMRs by Name.  Select “+ Add” to create a new MMR.  Action column: Lock/Unlocking  Unlocking MMRs allows them to be archived and makes them unavailable for […]