MMRs Module – Overview

Overview: MMRs are required for batches. For MMRs to be used they need a form builder template and a locked formula.

  1. Select the “MMRs” module. 
  1. Search and filter for MMRs by Name. 
  1. Select “+ Add” to create a new MMR. 
  1. Action column:
    • Lock/Unlocking 
      1. Unlocking MMRs allows them to be archived and makes them unavailable for use
      2. Locking MMRs makes them available for production. 
    • Archive – Removes MMRs from the list of usable MMRs. 
    • Copy – allows you to duplicate an MMR for the use of creating similar MMRs.
    • View – used to view the most up-to-date details of a particular MMR.
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