MMRs Module – How to Create an MMR

  1. Select the “MMRs” module. 
  1. Select the “+ Add.”
  1. Search and sort for the Form Builder template being used for this MMR.
  1. Select the Template.
  1. Select “Continue.”
  1. Navigate to the Formula step.
  1. Select Formula bar.
  1. Search for a formula. Select the formula. 
  1. Press “Add.”
  1. Enter a product name.
  1. Select the customer bar.
  1. Search for a customer. Select a customer. 
  1. Press “Add.”
  1. Enter the quantity per base unit.
  1. Select Produces PD# bar.
  1. Search for a product by SKU or Name. Select a product. Then press “Add.”
  1. Select output unit.
  1. Enter a batch size.
  1. Enter the number of months this product has before it expires.
  1. Select “Save” or click on another section to continue creating the MMR.
  1. MMRs can only be completed by Admin and QC. The “Complete” button is located at the bottom of the screen.

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