TruInsights® Release Notes v0.5.0

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The following updates have been made to the TruInsights® web app used to display ingredient and supply chain information to consumers. Ingredients Tab The ingredients tab has been updated to mask the identity of ingredients that have been marked as “proprietary ingredient” in the SKU Catalog on OmniBlocks®. You can learn about setting the proprietary […]

Inventory Module – Assigning Locations

First Method of Assigning Locations – (With the Move Button) Select the “Inventory” module. Connect your scanner to your tablet using Bluetooth. Select “Move.” Select the lot bar, then scan the lot label. Select the location bar, then scan the location label. Enter the quantity moved. Repeat step 5 until all locations for the lot […]

OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.58

General Top Navigation Bar A direct link to the OmniBlocks® Documentation is no available in the top navigation bar. Inventory Moving Inventory To Locations A new Move action is available on the inventory screen to simplify moving inventory to multiple locations. When clicking the move button it will show a slide out drawer where you […]