OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.58


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Moving Inventory To Locations

A new Move action is available on the inventory screen to simplify moving inventory to multiple locations.

When clicking the move button it will show a slide out drawer where you can scan an inventory label, scan a location label, enter a quantity (optional) and click move.

The form stays on screen with a running log of all inventory lots and locations assigned for rapid movement of inventory within the warehouse.


The QR Code shown on the inventory label detail modal now links to the page that is opened when scanning the QR code.

Clicking inventory label QR codes brings up the details page, same as when scanning the code.

Lot Details Sorting

The ability to sort lot details has been fixed. You can now sort by

  • Batch ID
  • Stock Status
  • Amount (non-number values sort as if the value is zero)
  • Order For
Sorting inventory lots in OmniBlocks® 1.58



The production calendar has been updated to show more visual indicators of the status of the production on the schedule.

The production calendar has been improved to reduce the data load and thus improve performance by only fetching records within a 30 day window of the selected calendar date.

A bug has been patched that ensures production schedules are retrieved at all times. Prior versions would not fetch all data if there were significant items in the production schedule within the past 180 days of the selected calendar date.

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