Formula Module – How to Lock & Unlock a Formula

Lock Overview: Locking a formula makes them available to use for MMRs. It’s important to make sure the formula is complete before locking, be careful as you use this function. Unlock Overview: Unlocking a formula is used for archiving or if there is an error that needs editing. Active MMRs using this formula will be […]

Formula Module – How to Create a Formula

Select the “Formula” module.  Select the “Add” button at the top right of the screen.  Enter the Formula Name and Product Number. Customers & Produces (PD#)  Customers – Search and select the customer that this formula is for. If it’s more generic and not customer-specific, select “Stock Product” or nothing at all. Once located and […]

Formulas Module – Overview

Select the “Formula” module. “+ Add” is where all new formulas are created. In the next section, we’ll go over how to use it.  Sort by Product #, SKU, or Name. Locked – Once a formula is locked, it is accessible to MMRs. You can lock and unlock as needed. Actions:                        Lock/unlock […]