Formulas Module – Overview

  1. Select the “Formula” module.
  1. “+ Add” is where all new formulas are created. In the next section, we’ll go over how to use it. 
  1. Sort by Product #, SKU, or Name.
  1. Locked – Once a formula is locked, it is accessible to MMRs. You can lock and unlock as needed.
  1. Actions:                       
  • Lock/unlock – You can lock and unlock as needed.
  • Edit – Edit formulas, but only when a formula is unlocked.
  • View – Displays up-to-date formulas.
  • Duplicate – This makes a copy of the formula
  • Archiving – This allows you to archive formulas.
  • View Audit Log – See all edits made and users who made them.
  • View PDF – This shows you all the elements of the formula in a clear and concise PDF document.
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