Formula Module – How to Create a Formula

  1. Select the “Formula” module. 
  1. Select the “Add” button at the top right of the screen. 
  1. Enter the Formula Name and Product Number.
  1. Customers & Produces (PD#) 
    • Customers – Search and select the customer that this formula is for. If it’s more generic and not customer-specific, select “Stock Product” or nothing at all. Once located and selected, press “Add”. 
    • Produces (PD#) – Search and select the PD#. Select it, then press “Add”.
  1. Select “+ Add Constituents.”

(NOTE: Constituents – All elements of a product (ingredients and packaging components).

  1. Select SKU.
  1. Filter by category.
  1. Search inventory constituents by SKU or Name.
  1. Select SKU.
  1. Select “Add.”
  1. Enter in a name.
  1. Using the base unit for reference, fill in the quantity and select a unit of measure.
  1. Repeat the process to add all formula constituents as needed.
  1. Enter all base unit details as necessary.

Example: If your base unit is 1 bottle, you will enter the specifications for 1 bottle. If your base unit is 1 case, you will enter the specifications for 1 case.

  1. Press “Save” to complete the entry. 
  1. If you are creating a formula that is similar to a locked formula, you can duplicate the formula and edit the duplicated one. 
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