Inventory Module – Receiving, CoA/Quarantine, & Splitting Lots

Receiving Inventory Select the “Inventory” module. Select the filter and select “On Order.” Select “OK.” Filter by category. Search by SKU or Name to find a specific SKU. Select the “+”  to enhance the inventory item view. Click “Receive” to receive the constituent. Provide the required information, the optional sections are encouraged: Required: Amount Received, […]

Purchase Orders Module – How to Close Shipments

Select the “Purchase Order” module.  Select the “Complete” filter to view all items that have been scheduled to ship. Find the PO that you are going to close. Press the down-arrow under the “Actions” column for that PO. Then select “Set Status.” Select “Shipped.” This will close out and automatically archive this shipment.

Purchase Orders Module – How to Ship Sales Orders

Select the “Purchase Order” module. Find PO by PO#, customer, product(s), or customer PO#. Select the drop-down arrow and then select “Set Status.” Select “Prepare Shipment (Complete).”  Select “Add.” NOTE: All progress can be saved and continued later. Take a moment and locate the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen. Select “+ Add […]

OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.57

Orders Shipping Calendar Several updates have been made to the shipping calendar including a minor user experience update. The date selector takes up less space. The date headers now show total count of shipments on each day. The details for each day now show Exact time the shipment was finalized (estimated shipment date update) A […]