OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.57


Shipping Calendar

Several updates have been made to the shipping calendar including a minor user experience update.

  • The date selector takes up less space.
  • The date headers now show total count of shipments on each day.
  • The details for each day now show
    • Exact time the shipment was finalized (estimated shipment date update)
    • A colored icon indicator for status
      • Green check for shipped
      • Blue clock for active shipments
      • A grey dot for archived shipments
    • The internal PO #
    • The customer PO #
Revised shipping calendar v1.57



  • Hovering over the user name in the top menu bar will show the user role.
  • System Administrator “System Settings” menu is now “Configuration” with a new icon.

System Admin


  • New configuration page has two main tabs
  • Settings
    • This contains settings for the tenants, tenant types, units. and catalog groups
  • Tools
    • This contains a new database tools interface for managing data assets in real time
    • Copy Production data to make a real-time copy of the production database
    • Update development|staging databases to use the production copy to reset testing and development data sources.
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