Purchase Orders Module – How to Ship Sales Orders

  1. Select the “Purchase Order” module.
  1. Find PO by PO#, customer, product(s), or customer PO#.
  1. Select the drop-down arrow and then select “Set Status.”
  1. Select “Prepare Shipment (Complete).” 
  1. Select “Add.”

NOTE: All progress can be saved and continued later. Take a moment and locate the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Select “+ Add Product(s).”
  1. Select:
    • First, use designated lots attached to this PO. 
    • If not all lots are designated, Access “All Products” and click “Allow.”
  1. Search for lots by:
    • Unique ID
    • Name
  1. Select all lots needed.
  1. Click “Add.”
  1. Enter Quantity per lot to Ship (make sure you have enough available for that lot).
  1. Compare the quantity you’re sending by the quantity needed for the sales order.
  1. Enter shipping details. 
  1. Double-check to make sure your work is correct. Select “Create Shipment.” A notification will appear; press “Ship.”
  1. All shipments planned will appear on the shipping calendar.
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