OmniBlocks® 1.82 Release Notes

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Users Listing Updates Show user ID column, sortable and searchable. Add search and sort to Role column. Dashboard Reports Par Level Report SKU is now linked to the inventory lookup for the SKU. In Stock Report View Preview SKU is now linked to the inventory lookup for the SKU. Received Inventory Report SKU is not […]

TruInsights® Release Notes v0.6.0

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Tab Footers Customers using the OmniBlocks® application can set footer messages that appear on the TruInsights® product info tabs. The messages can be set on the Ingredients, Quality Checks, Scientific Facts, and True Origin tabs via the Settings module in the OmniBlocks® app. The message is displayed at all times when set.

OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.73

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Dashboard Inventory Received Inventory Report The received inventory report has a new view option to get a quick on-screen preview of the downloadable CSV file. Sales Orders List of Orders The product SKU in the products column is now linked to the inventory page with a filter action that will show only the selected SKU. […]

TruInsights® Release Notes v0.5.0

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The following updates have been made to the TruInsights® web app used to display ingredient and supply chain information to consumers. Ingredients Tab The ingredients tab has been updated to mask the identity of ingredients that have been marked as “proprietary ingredient” in the SKU Catalog on OmniBlocks®. You can learn about setting the proprietary […]

Adding Catalog Items

The catalog is where details about stock keeping units (SKUs) are maintained. It is the base source of information for inventory. As such it is tightly integrated with the inventory module. Adding A Catalog Item Login as an administrator level user. Go to Inventory. Click the “+ SKU” button on the top right. The Add […]

OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.66

Certification Marks The main certification mark listing table has a couple of updates. You can now filter the marks to only show those that have at least one completed batch. The SKU column now links to the Inventory page and pre-filters the inventory to show the matching SKU. API Support For TruInsights® Quality Checks The […]