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OmniBlocks® 1.82 Release Notes


Listing Updates

Show user ID column, sortable and searchable.

Add search and sort to Role column.



Par Level Report

SKU is now linked to the inventory lookup for the SKU.

In Stock Report

View Preview

SKU is now linked to the inventory lookup for the SKU.

Received Inventory Report

SKU is not linked to the inventory lookup for the SKU.



The lot ID in inventory for production records is now listed on the production records table.

Certification Marks

The Certification Marks module has had several updates to the UX as well as bug fixes.

Batches column has been added to show how many batches have been completed for the related SKU. Note: the current iteration does NOT indicate if those batches have the TruInsights® QR Code printed on the labels for those batches. That feature is in progress and will be part of a future update.

ID column is now searchable and sortable.

SKU and Product column searching and sorting has been fixed.

Editing existing certification marks has several patches including a fix for “carry over” when moving between different cert marks and editing or adding a cert mark between IDs.


In Use Info

When a user is editing a record an icon appears in the in use column.

Hovering over the icon, or clicking on it if using a tablet, will show the user name and the timestamp when the record was claimed. This has been updated from showing the user ID.


The listing of users sorting by role, id, etc. has been patched.


The listing of MMRs now shows the template name with the ID as a tool tip.

Sales Order

Loading Issues & The Status Column

Companies that had a moderate amount of multi-SKU purchase orders were noting significant load times when trying to list the Sales Orders. The source of the slow load times has been tracked down to the underlying logic that drives the Order Status Icon.

In the 1.82 build the icon has been disabled by default. This allows the initial screen to load in a timely fashion.

A new “Show Need to Order Status Icon” checkbox has been placed on the top of the orders list. Checking this box will start loading the icon on a row-by-row basis.

This patch is an interim fix. RBT Inc. has an architectural refactor scheduled for this module.

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