ezGMP® 1.95 Release Notes

Add CoA to Archived Inventory Users can now upload CoA forms for inventory items even after they have been depleted/archived. To do so: Navigate to Statements => Archived Inventory => Add/View Uploads. Then simply add the intended CoA to the “CoA Upload” section. The uploaded CoA will display on the associated TruInsights® product page. Password […]

OmniBlocks® 1.94 Release Notes

Inventory: Search by Unique ID Results will be filtered down to the nested-lot level. Expand the returned SKU(s) by clicking the [+] icon to see matching lot(s). Formulas: “Notes” section Sales Orders: Enable De-Selection in “Additional Details” A logged-in user can now de-select options found in Sales Orders => Formula(s) section => Additional Details.

OmniBlocks® 1.93 Release Notes

Uploads: Many New Upload “Spots” Throughout the OmniBlocks® workflow, several upload locations have been added. Inventory Module Order Inventory -> “Order Form” Uploads Receive Inventory -> “Additional Attachments” Uploads Production Module QC Upload column -> Add/View uploads MMR Module QC Upload column -> Add/View uploads Sales Order Module Add/Edit Sales Order -> “Customer” Section -> […]

OmniBlocks® 1.92 Release Notes

Manage Customer Portal Access Manufacturers can now self-manage which of their customers, if any, have access to the Customer Portal. To find this table, please navigate to Settings and click on the “Customer Portal Access” tab. In the above example, the logged in manufacturer only has two customers. John Doe of JohnsCompany, LLC has Customer […]

OmniBlocks® 1.91 Release Notes

Statements Deep Search Bars All tables in the Statements modules are now equipped with “Deep Search” bars. For each search bar, hovering over the (?) will provide a bit more information. All of these universal search bars are very inclusive in nature. If you’re using the “Deep Search” – and too many records are returned […]

OmniBlocks® 1.90 Release Notes

Customer Portal: An initial version of the customer portal has become available. An OB Tenant’s authorized customers can view the status and make-up of their orders. Searching and sorting by nearly all columns is enabled. Statements -> Production Records: Searchable Production Start and Best By/Expire Date columns added to Productions records table in Statements. “Lot” […]

OmniBlocks® 1.89 Release Notes

Searchability in Statements: In the Statements tab, search has been enabled for virtually all columns (across all tables). Users can now add keywords to multiple columns and filter by all of them. Just add click the magnifying glass in one column, add your search param, and click “Search.” Then click the glass in another column […]

OmniBlocks® 1.85 Release Notes

Finished Product (QR Code) Labels: “Best By / Exp Date” now displays on finished product labels Minor visual bugs found in some labels have also been corrected.  Cost Field Precision: The Inventory “Cost Per Unit” field now supports up to 4 decimal places of precision Recall Tracing: A dynamic search bar is now present […]

Compliance Issues

Traceability and documentation is the main concern for the FDA. So knowing what, where, and when stuff happened is key. Accurate dates Accurate amounts Accurate lots *This page will be updated with more details. This is just a starting place for now. – EWM

Configuring EC2 for Redis

Ubuntu 18.04 out of the box from AWS is not setup properly to support Redis. Enable Overcommit Memory login via SSH sudo vim /etc/sysctl.conf Add the following to the end of the file and save. # VM for Redisvm.overcommit_memory=1 Reboot the server. Disable Huge Pages From: https://techexpert.tips/ubuntu/ubuntu-disable-transparent-huge-pages/ login via SSH sudo vim /etc/systemd/system/disable-thp.service Add this […]