OmniBlocks® 1.92 Release Notes

Manage Customer Portal Access

Manufacturers can now self-manage which of their customers, if any, have access to the Customer Portal.

To find this table, please navigate to Settings and click on the “Customer Portal Access” tab.

In the above example, the logged in manufacturer only has two customers.

John Doe of JohnsCompany, LLC has Customer Portal access.

Jane Doe of JanesCompany, LLC does not.

When you click the “Access” switch to enable access, a confirmation popup will appear:

Clicking “Enable” here will dispatch an email to the Customer’s email (taken from that Customer’s email as seen/managed in the OmniBlocks® Customers module).

Similarly, there is a confirmation when you click the “Access” switch to disable access:

Clicking “Revoke” here will completely remove access the customer’s access to your Sales Orders in the Customer Portal.

Login Only Once

Auto-logouts now occur after 12 hours.

Most users should need to login to OmniBlocks® Platform only once per day.

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