OmniBlocks® 1.85 Release Notes

Finished Product (QR Code) Labels:

“Best By / Exp Date” now displays on finished product labels

Minor visual bugs found in some labels have also been corrected.

Cost Field Precision:

The Inventory “Cost Per Unit” field now supports up to 4 decimal places of precision

Recall Tracing:

A dynamic search bar is now present in the “Production Records” tab in Statements

Users can hover over the (?) to see an explanatory tool-tip:

As seen here, the tool-tip details what fields the search will match against.

As of this release, only these fields will be matched against. A future release will increase the power of this dynamic search.


Multiple columns were added to “Archived Inventory” tab in Statements

  • Vendor Part #
  • Lot# / Batch#
  • Receive Notes

These columns are search-enabled.

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