ezGMP® 1.95 Release Notes

Add CoA to Archived Inventory

Users can now upload CoA forms for inventory items even after they have been depleted/archived.

To do so:

Navigate to Statements => Archived Inventory => Add/View Uploads.

Then simply add the intended CoA to the “CoA Upload” section.

The uploaded CoA will display on the associated TruInsights® product page.

The TruInsights® “Quality Checks” tab.
Lot-level CoAs and SKU-level Certification documents are shown here.

Password management

A bug was addressed that caused some users to report difficulty with password changes.

Password change form
found in Settings module => Security tab

Packing Slip and Shipping Record PDFs

Lot Production and Expiration Dates have been added to shipping PDFs.

Production Start and Expiration Dates on a Shipping Record PDF
found in Statements module => Shipments tab => Shipping Record columns

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