Compliance Issues

Traceability and documentation is the main concern for the FDA. So knowing what, where, and when stuff happened is key. Accurate dates Accurate amounts Accurate lots *This page will be updated with more details. This is just a starting place for now. – EWM

OmniBlocks® Release Notes 1.71

Inventory Move Inventory The lot field text is selected when the field is activated. This allows searches to be made in quick succession without having to clear the field between each scan. The lot field is reset on every search. If the same inventory lot label is scanned twice the field will now replace the […]

Adding Catalog Items

The catalog is where details about stock keeping units (SKUs) are maintained. It is the base source of information for inventory. As such it is tightly integrated with the inventory module. Adding A Catalog Item Login as an administrator level user. Go to Inventory. Click the “+ SKU” button on the top right. The Add […]

OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.68

Inventory Edit and Split Into Lots The data engine has been updated to carry less load and provide a faster response time when editing inventory data or splitting into lots. Move Inventory Automove Move Inventory has an Automove feature which is enabled by default. When enabled it allows a user to scan a SKU to […]

Inventory Module – Assigning Locations

First Method of Assigning Locations – (With the Move Button) Select the “Inventory” module. Connect your scanner to your tablet using Bluetooth. Select “Move.” Select the lot bar, then scan the lot label. Select the location bar, then scan the location label. Enter the quantity moved. Repeat step 5 until all locations for the lot […]

OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.59

Production User Locks | In Use The latest version of OmniBlocks® introduces the concepts of “user locking”; Marking items as in use by another user so that others know the data is being edited. This system is first being deployed in the Production module as a manual process. When a record is “in use”, other […]

Inventory Module – Editing or Removing Assigned Locations

Editing or Removing Assigned Locations Select the “Inventory” module. Connect your scanner to your tablet using Bluetooth. Search for your constituent by SKU or Name. Select the “+” to enhance the view. Using the unique ID, locate the lot you’re editing and enhance that lot. Scroll down and to the right. Select the drop-down arrow: […]

Inventory Module – Receiving, CoA/Quarantine, & Splitting Lots

Receiving Inventory Select the “Inventory” module. Select the filter and select “On Order.” Select “OK.” Filter by category. Search by SKU or Name to find a specific SKU. Select the “+”  to enhance the inventory item view. Click “Receive” to receive the constituent. Provide the required information, the optional sections are encouraged: Required: Amount Received, […]

Inventory Module – Ordering & Editing Orders

Overview: This section is dedicated to understanding how to order inventory. Ordering Select the inventory module. Filter by constituent’s tab. Searching by SKU, or Name. Select “Order.” Fill out the information below in detail:  Date – enter today’s date Enter the expected arrival date (optional) Amount Ordered – Enter the quantity ordered and the unit […]