OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.68


Edit and Split Into Lots

The data engine has been updated to carry less load and provide a faster response time when editing inventory data or splitting into lots.

Move Inventory


Move Inventory has an Automove feature which is enabled by default. When enabled it allows a user to scan a SKU to be moved then scan a location. Immediately after scanning a valid location the inventory item will be moved into that location. Unchecking the box will change the app to require the user manually click the move button to move inventory to a location.

Unassign Locations

The move inventory slide out interface has been updated to show the current locations assigned to a lot. It will update every time a new lot ID is entered or scanned.

This list has a Delete option which will remove the specified inventory lot ID from the location.

Deleting inventory from a specific location is logged in the change log.

Move inventory updates.

Form Builder


Table Fields

Bug fix – using form builder and adding a section, drag a table onto the section, enter some default values — then go drag a second table… the second table would populate with the first table defaults. 

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