OmniBlocks® 1.82 Release Notes

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Users Listing Updates Show user ID column, sortable and searchable. Add search and sort to Role column. Dashboard Reports Par Level Report SKU is now linked to the inventory lookup for the SKU. In Stock Report View Preview SKU is now linked to the inventory lookup for the SKU. Received Inventory Report SKU is not […]

Projected Inventory Demand Report

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The Projected Inventory Demand report shows the materials needed to produce the batches that are scheduled for production. Any batch that has been fully planned and has not finished production will be included. The data includes materials from batches that may be in progress and may include mixed ingredients. The report is listed under the […]

OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.73

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Dashboard Inventory Received Inventory Report The received inventory report has a new view option to get a quick on-screen preview of the downloadable CSV file. Sales Orders List of Orders The product SKU in the products column is now linked to the inventory page with a filter action that will show only the selected SKU. […]