Users Module – Overview, Add, & Remove Users

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How to Add New Users Select the “Users” module.   Select “+ Add” to add a new user.  Add Name and Email of the new user. Select the user type.  Select “Save.” If a user needs to be deleted, select the trash can.  User Access Table: User Access Setup Admin Quality Control (QC) Production Shipping & […]

SOP Module – Overview

Select the “SOPs” module.   Select “+ Add SOP” to add a new SOP.  Upload SOP from your desktop. Edit name if necessary. Select “Save.”  Action column: Edit – use to add or change name or source for SOP Delete – to delete the SOP

Inventory Module – Overview

Categories and Main Table Select the “Inventory” module.   Select “+ SKU” to add new inventory items.  Move – Used to assign constituent locations in two scans.  There are five tabs:  All – Simply shows you everything in inventory Ingredients – Only consumable materials (powders, liquids, etc) Components – Only packaging materials (boxes, bottles, etc) Products […]

Statements Module – Shipments

Select the “Statements” module. Select the “Shipments” tab. Search for shipments by Customer PO#. Click:  Select the “+” button to reveal Batch #, PD#, Unique ID, Name, and Quantity Select the “-” to minimize Select the document box to view the shipping record. View all updates by user for the shipping record.

Statements Module – Archived Inventory

Select the “Statements” module. Select the “Archived Inventory” tab. Search for archived inventory by Unique ID, SKU, or Name. Select the document box to view the archived inventory document. View all updates by users for the archived Inventory.

Statements Modules – Production Records

Select the “Statements” module Select the “Production Records” tab. Attachment Column: View MBR – Master Batch Record View Audit Log – See all updates by users for the Production Record View CoA – Certification of Analysis by the supplier. Upload File: Upload additional documents to the Production Record file. An additional way to view the […]

Statements Modules – MMRs

Select the “Statements” modules. Select the “MMRs” tab. Select the document box to view MMR. Upload File: Upload – Upload additional documents to the statement file View Attachment(s) – View uploaded documents View all updates by users for the MMR.

Production Module – Overview

Select the “Production” module.   Search and filter for batches by Batch #, Name, SKU, or Current production step. Select “+ Plan Production” to plan new batches.  The “Label” is generated once planning a batch is completed, this label is for the finished batch.  Document Production – When planning production is completed “Document Production” appears and […]

MMRs Module – Overview

Overview: MMRs are required for batches. For MMRs to be used they need a form builder template and a locked formula. Select the “MMRs” module.  Search and filter for MMRs by Name.  Select “+ Add” to create a new MMR.  Action column: Lock/Unlocking  Unlocking MMRs allows them to be archived and makes them unavailable for […]