Purchase Order Module – Overview

1. Select the “Purchase Orders” module.  

2. Select “New Purchase Order” to add new inventory items. 

3. Tabs:
A. Current – All POs in progress.
B. Complete – All POs that are ready or scheduled to ship.

4. Enhance:
A. Select “” to enhance PO details.
1. SKU 
2. Product Name
3. Batch Summary
B. Select “” to minimize.
5. Sort and search for POs by:
A. PO#
B. Date Created
C. Customer
D. Production(s)
E. Customer PO#

6. Status filter – Allows POs to be filtered by status: 
A. Current
B. Draft
C. Pre-Production
D. Production Cycle

7. Status Column: 
A. “” means all constituents are in stock or ordered
B. “” means not all constituents are in stock or ordered
8. Drop-down menu: 
A. Edit: Update details about the PO
B. Set Status: is changing status when an update occurs
C. Archiving: moves the PO to statements for traceability
D. View Audit Log: displays all user edits for the PO

9. Shipping Calendar – View of all scheduled shipments.
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