Statements Modules – MMRs

Select the “Statements” modules. Select the “MMRs” tab. Select the document box to view MMR. Upload File: Upload – Upload additional documents to the statement file View Attachment(s) – View uploaded documents View all updates by users for the MMR.

Purchase Orders Module – How to Close Shipments

Select the “Purchase Order” module.  Select the “Complete” filter to view all items that have been scheduled to ship. Find the PO that you are going to close. Press the down-arrow under the “Actions” column for that PO. Then select “Set Status.” Select “Shipped.” This will close out and automatically archive this shipment.

Purchase Orders Module – How to Update Purchase Orders

Select the “Purchase Order” module. Search and sort for your PO. Click the drop-down arrow and select “Set Status.” Select the new PO status.  Draft – Customer Request Formulating – Making the right formula Ready to Order – Ordering Constituents Ordered – All constituents in stock or ordered Ready to Produce – Ready to be […]

Purchase Orders Module – How to Edit a Purchase Order

Select the “Purchase Order” module. Search and sort for your PO. Click the drop-down arrow and select “Edit.” Make the necessary changes to the customer, formula(s), or notes sections. To finish, select “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Purchase Orders Module – How to Create Purchase Orders

Select the “Purchase Orders” module. Select “New Purchase Order.” Add Customer. Find the customer you’re looking for. Select a customer. Select “Add.” Enter Customer PO#. Enter the date the PO was ordered. Enter the delivery by date. Select “Next.” Select the “Formula” bar.  Find your formula. Select the formula. Select “Add.” Enter quantity per container […]

Production Module – Managing Batches

Overview: Batches can be edited, deleted, and updated in real-time. How to Update Batches Select the “Production” module. Search for the batch by Batch#, Name, SKU, or Current Step. Select “Document Production.” Select the process step you are on, scroll down, and document the step.  Once complete, scroll down and select “Save.” How to Edit […]

Production Module – How to Plan a Production

Select the “Production” module.  Select the “+ Plan Production.”  Search for the MMR being used for this batch. Select the MMR for this batch. Select “Next.” Optional: Associate the batch with a specific sales order. Search by PO#, Customer, Product(s), or Customer PO#.  Optional: Select the sales order for this batch  Press “Continue.” Select “Production […]

Production Module – Overview

Select the “Production” module.   Search and filter for batches by Batch #, Name, SKU, or Current production step. Select “+ Plan Production” to plan new batches.  The “Label” is generated once planning a batch is completed, this label is for the finished batch.  Document Production – When planning production is completed “Document Production” appears and […]

MMRs Module – Actions for MMRs

Overview: MMRs cannot be edited once made; they can only be duplicated or archived. Continue Working on Saved MMRs Select the “MMRs” module. Search for the MMR by Name. Select “Continue MMR.” You can either save your progress and complete it later or complete it if it is ready. How to Archive an MMR Select […]