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OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.62


Production Records

Sorting production records by batch number has been fixed.


Inventory tab white screen is fixed.


User module is now available to ALL users (production , etc.) not just admins. Only admins should be able to edit any user. All other users can only edit their own record but view all others.

If editing an existing user record it will CLEAR THE PASSWORD, meaning the user will need to select a new one. In other words if a user wants to change their email or username they will also need to pick a new password. We can refine this in the future but for now that is how it works.

Adding a new user now allows their password to be set when the user is added.

The performer/verifier user roles have been removed from possible user types when adding/editing a user. (Note: any prior users that are performer/verifier roles will need to select a new role if editing that user.)

User List

Added search by name on column header.

Added search by email on column header.

Default page length starts at 100 records.

A user cannot delete their own record.

The logged in user is marked on the user table with a marker.

Edit users is available for a user’s own record.

Admin users can edit any user’s record.

User Add/Edit

Added password field.


Plan production, auto select has been patched.

Plan production, users should not need to enter an estimated overage to allocate lots.

Plan production, the lot selection slideout now shows the calculated amount and unit in the title.

Document Production, Inventory should decrement by actual weight entered in smart weighing.

Document Production, actual weights now works for grams.

Known Issues:

Corner case where an inventory lot was marked as mixed and that lot has since been archived will not be handled correctly if the lot is re-allocated. Planned for a patch in OB 1.63 (end of next week).

Downstream allocations will not be re-calculated when an inventory lot has extra units used due to a batch production overage. If batch 1 (B#1) uses 10 more bottles in Lot 789 (L#789) and brings the physical in stock amount down from 200 units to 90 units (It originally called for 100 bottles and used 110); And B#2 has allocated 100 bottles also from L#789 but there are only 90 left, this batch allocation will NOT be updated properly in the current release candidate. Planned for patch in OB1.63 (end of next week).

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