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OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.63


Batch Statuses

By navigating to Production module via the sidebar menu, one can see batch completability statuses in the Status section of the Batches/Production table.

Hover mouse over these for more information, when available.

Screenshot of Batch completability status icons (Production table)

If the Production table is loaded while some batch statuses are being calculated, they will appear as (?) icons until they are fully calculated in the background and the page is re-loaded.

In a later build, any undetermined Batch statuses will automatically re-load with no need for the user the refresh the page.

Batch Constituent Fulfillment Statuses

Within a batch, both the Formula Page and Smart Weighing Page constituents will have fulfillment status icons.
Hover mouse over these for more information, when available.

Screenshot of Formula section Constituent Fulfillment statuses (unique IDs blocked out)

Actual Yield
On entry of an Actual Yield, the system will attempt to automatically set component-based Actual Weight/Amount(s) to match the Actual Yield. The system will NOT remove present lots or or add any new lots. The system will only auto-increase/decrease Actual Weight/Amount(s) of currently selected lots to match the Actual Yield.

Screenshot of the (Actual Weight/Amount) field that will be auto-updated on input of an Actual Yield

When auto-setting Actual Weight/Amount(s), the system will consider how much that lot has in stock, even if the lot is already allocated to other batch(es). The system will respect any Actual/Weight Amount(s) present in other batches. The same applies when manually changing an Actual Weight/Amount. More on this below.

Manually changing an Actual Weight/Amount
When the user manually changes an Actual Weight/Amount, the system will check how much is in stock as well as if any other Actual Weight/Amount(s) of the given lot exist in other batches.

If the user attempts to enter an Actual Weight/Amount that is too larger, a message will appear indicating the maximum permitted Actual Weight/Amount.

Screenshot of the maximum permitted message

The users proposed Actual Weight/Amount is calculated as too large when:

(a) the qty exceeds in stock quantity or

(b) too much stock is already allocated via Actual Weight/Amount(s) to other batches

Total permitted Actual Weight/Amount = 
Total In Stock - Total Allocated WITH Actual Weight/Amount(s) in other batch(es)

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