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OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.80

The 1.80 update focused on internal structure refactoring for the production module. The refactor focused on stabilizing the production constituent math, simplifying the data structures related to production formulas, and setting as solid foundation for upcoming performance improvements.

Production Auto Locking / Unlocking

When creating or editing a production record, the record is now automatically claimed by a user. This user lock will appear under the “In Use” column on the main production list.

User Lock indicator in the “In Use” column on production.

The records will automatically unlock whenever a user exits the production module.

A manual “Release” action is available for the rare instances where a user session is disconnected prematurely or a user does not exit a production record. Administrative level users can release (unlock) ANY production record, regardless of who locked the record. The user that claimed a record, whether manually or automatically, can release their own records.

MMR / Production Intentional Overage

Both the MMR and Production modules allow for intentional overages to be set while planning or documenting a batch. This field is provided per FDA guidance to track intentional excess ingredient usage to account for expected waste during the production cycle.

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