OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.53

Released: Late December 2021


Certification Marks can now be generated and assigned to a redirect URL. This allows for QR codes to be generated in OmniBlocks® for printing on labels. The scanning of the QR code can be directed to any public website. As the TruInsights® application evolves, the redirection can be disabled; At that point a scan of the QR code will bring up the product information from the current version of the TruInsights® web app.

Multiple modules have a new feature for administrators that allows them to view data in a “quick view” data dump that shows a summary of the behind-the-scenes data. This feature is in place for the main catalog SKUs on the Inventory tab, manufacturing records on the MMRs tab, production records on the Production tab, and Certification Marks. Look for the “view” action on those tables.

New view action item on MMRs.
Quick data view using view option.

Update Details


Main Inventory Table Interface

  • Edit action is now only available to administrators.
  • New detailed “quick data view” available to administrators.
  • Administrator actions are now in a drop-down on the actions column.


Main Production Table Interface

  • Added SKU search
  • Added Batch # search
  • Batch #, Name, and SKU search now check all records not just the current page displayed
  • New detailed “quick data view” available to administrators.

Batch Planning

  • MMR Selection modal now support search by MMR Name


Main MMR Table Interface

  • Enabled search by MMR name across full data set versus prior current page only search
  • New detailed “quick data view” available to administrators.

Certification Mark

Generation Utility

  • Production system URL reference has been patched.
  • Alias URL redirects can now be set for any new or pre-existing certification mark.
  • When the alias URL is in place the TruInsights information page is not displayed, the QR code will redirect to the entered URL when scanned until the alias URL is removed.


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