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OmniBlocks® Release Notes v1.81



Projected Inventory Demand is a new report available in this release. The Projected Inventory Demand report shows the materials needed to produce the batches that are scheduled for production. Any batch that has been fully planned and has not finished production will be included. The data includes materials from batches that may be in progress and may include mixed ingredients.


Removing Images

Removing images from catalog items has been fixed.


Document Production

Data entry of custom input fields from form builder was needlessly calling the API and slowing down user response times. This caused delays on user inputs where number and text input would appear to leave off the last character or digit. This issue has been fixed.


ID Column

A formula ID column has been added to ensure all formulas can be uniquely identified and referenced.

Sales Orders

Various text references to “Purchase Orders” have been renamed to the proper “Sales Order” nomenclature. Purchase orders only refer to customer’s purchase orders that are related directly to a Sales Order.

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